Actors Additional Information

What are you auditioning for?

SPL is a script development company. We work with Spokane playwrights to finish and polish their scripts in order to submit them to local and regional theatres for their world premier performances. Our primary tool for assisting playwrights is a month-long intensive workshop called Lab-Time. In the final week of Lab-Time, we invite in a paid cast of actors to rehearse and stage a fully performed reading of the playwright’s script in front of an audience. You are auditioning to be a cast member of those workshop performances.

What is the commitment for an actor per workshop?

As an actor, your involvement will be during the final week of Lab-Time. We will rehearse for 5 consecutive days. Rehearsals are during the day on Saturday and Sunday, and during the evenings from Monday-Wednesday. This is in an effort to respect your work, school, and/or family situation. Total rehearsal time is only 20 hours.

The scripts are in development as we rehearse, which means they are constantly changing. As the scripts can change at any moment (including during performance!), it is impossible for an actor to get “off-book.” Therefore all performances will be script in-hand.

There will be a single performance of the script. Performances are always on Thursday evenings directly following the rehearsal period. While we have some flexibility to work with your schedule Saturday through Wednesday, SPL will need you all day on Thursday of the performance. We will cast you with plenty of time to make arrangements with work/school/childcare, etc.

Immediately following the performance, we ask that you stay for the talk-back as well. Your input is tremendously valuable to the playwright and participating audience.

How does casting work?

The audition on August 21 is a general audition for the entire 2022-23 workshop season. Each of the scripts we are workshopping are in varying degrees of completeness. As each of the scripts are actively growing and changing daily, our casting requirements can change very quickly as well. By auditioning, you are not competing for a single role in a single show. Rather, you are instantly joining our network of actors we hope to draw upon as needs arise. SPL is firmly committed to respecting you, our actors, and will endeavor to give you as much notice as possible for any casting decisions.

When and where are the workshop performances?

SPL is collaborating with many community partners this season. Depending on the workshop you are cast in, your workshop performance may be at the Spokane Civic Theatre, StageLeft Theatre, Project Id, or any number of exciting venues around Spokane.

*Note- Auditions will be held at the CLUTCH Spokane– 1507 E Sprague, Spokane, WA 99205. Do not go to the Washington Cracker building for auditions.*

What to expect at Auditions?

When you sign up for an audition, you will given a 10 minute, individual audition.

This year, we are workshopping several pieces with musical elements, including one full original musical. For that reason, we are breaking auditions into two sessions. The morning session is reserved for musical auditions. To be considered for any roles that require singing, please sign up for a morning musical audition. We ask that you prepare 60-90 seconds of music from a song of your choice from a musical. If you are unable to find or prepare sheet music for this audition, our accompanist will have 3 prepared pieces for you to choose from. (More details about that HERE.)

If you choose to do the musical audition, you will also be considered for all non-musical workshops as well. You do not need to sign up for the afternoon Standard auditions.

The afternoon auditions are reserved for our standard auditions. You do not need to have anything prepared for these auditions. We will provide you with all materials to read, a chair (optional), and a designated reader/scene partner. As the work is constantly evolving, we are looking for actors who are able to interpret text quickly, make bold decisions, and are comfortable working in a dynamic creative environment.

Please note; only sign up for ONE audition session. All auditioners will be considered for all workshops. Only sign up for a musical audition if you want to be considered for a singing role this season.

We deliberately make your audition appointment about twice the length of a standard audition. It gives us time to communicate both before and after your readings. We want to see your best work and we want you to be successful. If there is any reasonable accommodation we can make to support your best work during the audition, we encourage you to let us know before you begin reading.

Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your audition. If the lobby gets too crowded, we may ask auditioners to wait outside or come back closer to their audition time.

Please come dressed comfortably to move. Headshots and resumes are welcome but not required.

What if you can’t make it to the August 21 auditions?

If you are unable to attend the audition on August 21, please contact Scott at scott@spokaneplaywrightslaboratory.com to arrange a remote audition.


For any questions, please contact Scott at scott@spokaneplaywrightslaboratory.com .