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The Break Room

By Hazel Bean

It’s the Friday morning staff meeting at Brilliantine Solutions and mid-level data analyst, Tobias, has had enough. He cannot numbly slog his way through another round of meaningless TGIFs and stale meeting brownies. He knows there must be a better way and he’s ready to fight for it. What begins as an in-office uprising quickly spirals out of control. Heads will roll as Tobias and his band of rebels risk it all to change the world!

The Cast

Tobias: Jared Martin

Ned: Doug Dawson

Leigh-Anne: Anna Kay

Ophelia: Rebecca Craven

Melvin: Jerry Sciarrio

Deborah: Molly Robbins

Bill: Dahveed Bullis

Directed by: Erin Sellers

Stage Manager: Jaz Vega

More Details

April 21, 2022

The Washington Cracker Building

304 W Pacific Ave, Spokane, WA 99201

Doors open at 6:30

Workshop Performance at 7:30

Tickets Available Now

Tickets are “pay what you think it’s worth”. At the event you will be given a link to donate to SPL. If you would like to donate before the event, please click the donate button.

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How does it work?

SPL offers a unique, extended workshop experience. We affectionately call it Lab Time. Click the button below to take a peek at how SPL does what it does.

We’ve partnered with Terrain!

SPL has partnered with Terrain to bring you our 2021-2022 staged reading series.

SPL is thrilled to announce we have partnered with Terrain for the 2021-2022 season! All of our staged readings will be held at the Washington Cracker building! Come enjoy great new scripts by local playwrights in this awesome performance space. For more information about our upcoming events click the button below.

SPL Won a SAGA Grant!

SPL is honored and grateful to be selected as a 2021 Spokane Arts Grant Awards recipient. The funds from this grant are going directly to supporting Spokane’s playwrighting community. We will be using the support given by SAGA to develop 6 original scripts by Spokane playwrights (see Lab Time), create workshop opportunities within our community, and set up a playwrighting internship program with local colleges and universities. Thank you, Spokane Arts! Your support makes the difference to us.

How to Get Involved

We are always excited to welcome new collaborators! If you are a theatre artist, writing enthusiast, volunteer, or friendly face, please fill out the form below. We will contact you directly. See you in the Lab!

Our Mission

Spokane Playwrights Laboratory exists to help local writers create original plays. We are here to help you get your script ready to submit to local or professional theatres. Our goal is to give you, our playwright, a unique opportunity to develop your unfinished work into a fully realized rehearsal scripts ready for print or production. We provide you with time, resources, and professional expertise in an extended workshop environment. By giving you an opportunity to experiment and discover, we also give you a competitive edge.

At the end of our workshop period, we invite audiences to view your work at a staged reading. You get the benefit of direct feedback from a live audience. In this way, you will truly know if your script “works” before you submit it for consideration in local theatres. By staging your work, we foster an environment of support and meaningful/constructive creative dialogue.

We give equal consideration to all creative voices in our community.

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