Script Submission

Script Submissions

SPL looks forward to receiving your script submission and potentially collaborating with you. We believe theatre has the power to change lives, and we are looking for scripts that have the potential to do exactly that.

Playwrights sometimes want to know how “done” their script must be in order to submit their work. Lab-Time is a workshop experience. For script submission, our expectation is that you have finished at least a rough draft. However, please do not submit your script if you believe it is ready for a full production. By submitting your script to the Lab, you are requesting our help in developing and polishing your script.

We value passion from our playwrights more than polish. We are here to help you create that story you can’t stop thinking about.

Currently, we are accepting full length ( a complete evening of entertainment) scripts. We will consider scripts with up to and including 6 characters. SPL will consider any genre, topic, or theme. However, we are not accepting musicals at this time.

Before submitting, know that SPL adheres to the Dramatists Guild’s Bill of Rights for all workshops. Should your script be selected for Lab-Time, the DG Bill of Rights provides an excellent outline of what you can expect from SPL.

Submit Your Script Sample

We are currently accepting script submissions. To be considered for participation in our Lab-Time experience, please use the form below to submit the first 10-12 pages of your script. After you have submitted, SPL will review your script sample and contact you directly.