Lab Time

Our primary vehicle for assisting playwrights is an extended, in-person, intensive workshop experience we call “Lab Time.” Scripts that are selected for Lab Time are given a month of dedicated focus and attention. All of SPL’s resources are committed to supporting you while you finish, edit, and polish one of your original works. If your script is selected for Lab Time, here is what you can expect:

Script review and feedback

Your script is reviewed by a professional new works development director (script doctor) and literary advisors. You are then provided feedback on your script in order to make revisions. This is a continual process for the entire month of Lab Time. You are allowed to make as many edits to your script as you like, whenever you like. This even includes during performance.


During your Lab Time, you will partner with a director who specializes in new work development (often referred to as a script doctor). SPL will consult with you on director selection. If your story requires a unique voice, SPL will strive to find the right team to accurately represent your story. We value your input in all hiring and casting decisions.

Additionally, you may request a literary-advisor/dramaturg/ or fellow playwright to assist you during your lab time. While not required, SPL highly encourages all participating playwrights to take advantage of this service.

Depending on the technical requirements of your script, you may be provided a technical theatre advisor, as well. This is in an effort to make sure your script is accurately represented in our Lab, as well as help you make your script more marketable in the local and regional theatre scene.

Table Reading

Roughly two to three weeks before we begin observational rehearsals, SPL will host a sit down table reading of your script. Your director, literary advisor/dramaturg will meet with a team of actors to read your script in front of you.

This is not a performance. There will be no audience. In fact, it is normally done in the comfort of a company member’s home. The table reading is solely for your benefit. It is so you can begin to get a sense of what is and is not “working” in your script.

Observational Rehearsals

SPL will provide you with 20 hours of rehearsal with your director, literary advisor, technical team, and paid actors. We highly encourage you to attend and participate in all rehearsals. This is your best opportunity to see your work and make changes. Rehearsals are structured around your wants and desires. SPL will rehearse whatever you want to work on, for as long as you want to work on it. You are free to make as many edits and changes as you like during this process.

Staged Reading

At the end of your 20 hours of observational rehearsal, SPL will present a fully acted staged reading of your script in front of a live audience. SPL is partnered with Terrain, one of the most respected arts organizations in Spokane, for the 2021-2022 season. All staged readings will be presented in the Washington Cracker Building.

It is important that you do not think of the staged reading as a performance. It is a tool for you to gain insight into your script. You simply cannot know if what you have written “works” until you have tested it in front of an audience. As it cannot truly be considered a performance, we deliberately neutralize any production elements that are not story driven. The actors are in plain black clothes, the set and props are painted a neutral color, and the lighting is one simple clear bright light. We want you to see what you have written without distraction. If your story works under these conditions, it will work anywhere.

Audience Talk Back

Immediately following your staged reading, SPL will host an audience “Talk Back” session. This is a rare opportunity to hear direct feedback from a real audience. It is created solely for your benefit.

And please don’t be afraid of this step. SPL fosters a culture of positive constructive feedback. You are not expected to host the discussion or “defend” your work in any way. SPL will provide a host/moderator who will drive all discussion to be conducted with courtesy and thoughtfulness. We highly encourage you to provide the moderator with a list of specific questions you would like the audience to answer.

Do you have a script for Lab Time?

You can feel it in your bones. It’s a story you just can’t get off your mind. Maybe it’s keeping you up at night.

If you’ve got a script that you are passionate about and want to see it developed, we want to hear from you. Click the link below to submit a 10- 12 page sample of your script to SPL. We will review your sample and contact you directly.