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Anyone can (and should) do this.

An artist should wait for the permission of no one to create. I’ve said it so many times, but it’s not just a neat quote. It’s a mantra. As my circles became entangled with the Non-Profit world, I heard a few people say that a lot of grants go untapped. That seemed wild to me at first, but when I think about it it begins to make sense. Especially in the creative fields, it’s hard to feel like you have the ability to apply, much less is your work worth it? 

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Suspend Your Disbelief

Over the last few weekends Scott and I had the chance to take in two Shakespeare shows in Spokane. Twelfth Night, put on by Spokane Ensemble Theatre, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, put on by Spokane Shakespeare Society. Many things rushed in my mind as we took in these shows.

Where’s the Gin and Cigarettes?

To be genuinely great, you must have something more. What is the piece that weaves the magic? What’s the spice that gives this script its particular flavor?

The Books That Changed Me (Pt. 1): Backwards & Forwards

“Scripts contain bones, not people. Good playwrights limit their choice of bones to those which make the character unique. Onto the uniqueness the actor hangs the rest of the human being.”
The biggest advice I give writers is, relinquish control and let it become something new. Ball makes that a little easier by giving the advice of only making bones. I interpret it in my own way of course so… Let me break it down.


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